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DIY Liberty Patchwork Infinity Scarf

The chilly weather lately inspired this Liberty London patchwork infinity scarf. Since the scarf goes around your neck, I suggest you use scraps that are soft like cotton lawn, voile, knits, fleece, or double gauze to prevent it from being too abrasive. For one side of my scarf I used Liberty London lawn and for the other I used a piece of Kaufman lightweight voile I bought from fabric.com. You can also see my other fabric scrap projects here.

Mad For Fabric - DIY Liberty Patchwork Infinity Scarf
Mad For Fabric – DIY Liberty Patchwork Infinity Scarf

There are a lot of wonderful tutorials out there on how to sew an infinity scarf so I won’t go into details in this post. Instead I want to describe how I pieced my fabric together to get a patchwork look.

First I started with some of my larger Liberty scraps. Some scraps were cut on the bias and some were a long rectangle which helps with the patchwork effect when they are pieced together.

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Mad For Fabric - Liberty London Scraps For Infinity Scarf

I sewed the scraps together to make a giant rectangle. You can adjust the width  of your rectangle depending how big you want your scarf. I wanted mine to be roughly 11″x50″ so I ended up cutting my giant rectangle into three 11″ rectangles. You can trim off excess fabric after you piece all the fabric together if it ends up being too long.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Infinity Scarf Scraps Split Sections

I then cut each 11″ rectangle in half to make 6 squares and then cut each square into a triangle. I rearranged the triangles from different squares get a patchwork effect. This is a similar method I used to make my Liberty patchwork top.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Infinity Scarf Scraps Cut Triangles

I sewed the triangles together to make squares and then sewed the squares together to make one long piece of patchwork fabric. Here you see the blocks sewn together. I ended up using only 5 blocks to get the length I needed.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty In

Finally I sewed my patchwork fabric piece and Kaufman voile together and then connected the ends to make an infinity scarf.

Has the cold weather inspired a sewing project for you lately? Thanks for stopping by today and happy “mad” patchwork sewing!



  1. Michelle says:

    Your scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I love the combination of pretty fabrics. Great photos that show the process too. Congratulations on being featured over on Threading My Way. :o)

  2. Pam says:

    I love Liberty fabrics but never tried a large project with them because they’re pricey. This would be a great way to use some of the pre-cut packs I’ve seen on Etsy. Love the colors!

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