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Liberty Applique Drawstring Gift Bag

This year I decided to be more eco-friendly in my gift wrapping so I sewed a drawstring gift bag using fabric scraps left over from other projects. Of course, I couldn’t resist adding a Liberty patchwork applique tree to the front for decoration. You can also see my other fabric scrap projects here.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Applique Drawstring Bag
Mad For Fabric – Liberty Applique Drawstring Bag

The bag is reversible so when it’s not Christmas, you can turn the bag inside out so the lining fabric is on the outside.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Applique Drawstring Bag Reverse View



I used the same method to create the tree applique as my Liberty scrap quilted pouch. After gluing my scraps to muslin I outlined a tree using a fabric marker. I then used a zigzag stitch to go over the parts of the scraps I knew I would be cutting out as part of the tree. In retrospect I should’ve used a Sharpie marker so I could see the outline. The full tutorial to make a reversible drawstring pouch is here.


Liberty Scrap On Muslin For Tree Applique

I wanted to use the lining as my casing for the drawstring so I added another 4.5″ to the height compared to the outside fabric piece. I made sure the tree was centered and then used glue stick to adhere to the fabric before using a zigzag stitch to sew down the tree applique.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Applique Drawstring Fabric Pieces

I sewed the ends of the outer and lining fabric together.

Liberty Applique Drawstring Fabric - Lining and Outer Pieces Sewn

I turned the fabric right side out and and then made sure each end had the same width of the lining fabric showing. Then I folded the lining fabric over and sewed it down to make the casing. I sewed the fabric insides facing so I could have french seams on the inside of the bag. I opted to use french seams because I don’t like leaving a gap to turn the bag inside out and then hand sewing after it has been turned right out. I used leftover muslin to make the drawstring for my bag.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Applique Drawstring Fabric French Seam

Here is a view of the french seams inside the bag.

Mad For Fabric - Liberty Applique Drawstring Interior View

I hope this gives you another idea for your fabric scrap project this holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the United States. Thanks for stopping by and happy “mad” sewing!

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16 thoughts on “Liberty Applique Drawstring Gift Bag

  1. This is really lovely and I’d like to try your method. But I’m confused when you sew the side seams together and finish the ends of the “casing” – can you clarify? Thanks!

    1. Sorry this is not a full tutorial so I skipped over some of the steps. You need to snip the fabric at the part where your casing meets your outer fabric. Then will allow you to fold the edges of the casing fabric over so raw edges are hidden and sew. Then use french seams to sew the inner and outer pieces together. If I make this drawstring bag again, I will take more pictures of this step as I had unpick my pieces a few times before I got it right.

  2. Very cute bag. I really must make some drawstring bags, it’s something I have never done but I could make use of lots of scraps etc to make some little gift pouches.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Holidays.

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