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Liberty Hello Kitty Heart Mini Quilt

Today I want to show you this heart mini quilt block I made using my beloved Liberty scraps. This is a great project to use up fabric scraps and showcase scraps you can’t bear to throw away.  I’ve sewn a lot of items but this the very first quilt block I’ve made! My half square triangles are not very precise but I’m very happy with how this turned out. I couldn’t find the exact heart quilt block I needed so I made this block up myself. If you’re interested in how I made this read on.

Mad For Fabric - Mini Heart Quilt

My finished block measures approximately 4.75″ x 4.75″. My seams were not very precise so I had lost a bit of the fabric squaring up my block. Yours may come out a slightly different size if you’re seams are spot on. I used 1/4″ seam allowances.



To make this you need:

8 half square triangles 1.5″ – 1 triangle that is a neutral print and a darker floral print. I used Isle of Wight and Kaylie Sunshine.

2 1.5″ squares – neutral print

2 1.5″ squares – darker floral print

2.5″ square – This will be the middle of the block. I used my Hello Kitty print.

7.5″x7.5″ square – print of your choice that will be used for backing and binding. I used Helena’s Meadow.

I laid out my square pieces to make sure I sewed them in the right order.

Mad For Fabric Heart Mini Quilt Block Pieces

I started sewing all the pieces on the top row, then the middle row, and so on. Then I sewed the top to middle row and then the middle to the bottom row.

Mad For Fabric Mini Heart Quilt Block Sewing Order

This is the block all sewn together.

Mad For Fabric Mini Heart Quilt Block Sewn Together

I made a quilt sandwich leaving around a 1.5″ margin on all sides for the backing. Then I used this tutorial to make the binding with the quilt back.

Mad For Fabric Mini Heart Quilt Block Quilt Sandwich

My last step was to stitch down the binding. I found a tiny easel to display this mini heart block but you can easily use this block for a mug rug or the front of a pouch or needlebook.

Mad For Fabric Mini Heart Quilt

I would love to see your heart blocks if you decide to make one.

Thanks for stopping by today and happy “mad” mini quilting!



  1. Rhonda Reed says:

    What a wonderful way to enjoy Liberty every day. Thank you for the excellent tutorial.

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