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Liberty London Betsy Fabric

If you’ve followed my blog or a new visitor it won’t take you long to realize I’m crazy in love with Liberty London fabric. Today I wanted to share with you one of my all-time favorite classic Liberty prints – Betsy. There are so many colorways of Betsy and the ones I’m about to show you are just a few from the vast colorways I’ve seen over the years.

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First up, some current classic colorways with a couple of rarer ones. I love the print on the right with the bright red and green Christmas colors.

Liberty London Betsy Fabric


These are rarer colorways I’ve seen available in France.

Liberty London Betsy Fabric 2

These are also rarer colorways I’ve seen available in France and a special colorway from Alice Caroline in the middle that is currently out of stock.

Liberty London Betsy Fabric 3

The majority of these are colorways from Liberty printed in Japan.

Liberty London Fabric Betsy 4

I compiled a list of online shops selling Liberty prints here if you’re interested in adding any of these colorways to your fabric collection.

What are your favorite colorways of Betsy?

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