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Liberty London Felicite Fabric

Today I wanted to share with you another one of my all-time favorite classic Liberty London prints – Felicite. There are so many colorways of Felicite and the ones I’m about to show you are just a few from the vast colorways I’ve seen over the years. Also check out my post on another one of my favorite prints – Betsy.

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First up, a few current colorways of this lovely classic print.

Liberty London Felicite


The left two are out of print and the right one I’ve see available in France.

Liberty London Felicite Fabric from Mad For Fabric

I feel so lucky finding these 3 out of print beauties. The colors are even more gorgeous in person.

Liberty London Felicite Fabric from Mad For Fabric

This is one of my favorite colorways of Felicite. It is sadly out of print now but I’m hoping one day I can find more of this beauty.

Liberty London Felicite Fabric from Mad For Fabric

Last but not least, these are 6 colorways of Felicite for the Liberty Japan Hello Kitty collaboration. I can’t pick a favorite here. I love them all! Check out my other posts on Liberty Japan here and here.

Liberty Japan Hello Kitty Felicite Fabric

I compiled a list of online shops selling Liberty prints here if you’re interested in adding some Felicite to your fabric collection.

What are your favorite colorways of Felicite?

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  1. I love this print! Years ago-about 40, there was a collaboration with Martex for sheets. I had the felicity pattern for my bed. I loved those sheets so much!!

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