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DIY Liberty Fabric Decoupage Clay Dish Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to experiment decoupaging Liberty London fabric on air dry clay and here is the result. I loved how this turned out and wanted to share a tutorial so you can make one of your own. This is such a great project for small scraps and would make a lovely accent in your home or a gift for a craft-loving friend!

Mad For Fabric - DIY Fabric Covered Air Dry Porcelain Clay Dish

Here is another picture without the pins and buttons so you get a better view of the dish interiors.

Mad For Fabric - DIY Fabric Covered Air Dry Porcelain Clay Dish


 I’ve listed the exact materials I used but you can substitute with something similar or what you have on hand.


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  • Fabric strips cut about 1/4″ wide. Cut enough strips to cover your entire dish.
  • Martha Stewart’s Decoupage formula – Alternatively you can try Modge Podge but I find it leaves a sticky finish while this leaves the fabric matte without any sticky feeling. I also used this decoupage in my fabric covered phone case tutorial and had great results.
  • Paint brush – I used a paint brush from a set like this but you can use any brush you have on hand.
  • Freezer paper or plastic to cover your work surface
  • Clay dish – I don’t know how well the decoupage will adhere to a store bought ceramic dish that is glazed so you may need to experiment with it. If you want to make your own air dry clay dish I used Sculpey Air Dry Porcelain Clay I bought from Joann Fabric but I can’t find it available online. Michaels and Amazon also sells this but I would not recommend this clay as a beginner because it was very sticky and very hard to work. This DAS brand has 4 stars on Amazon and is a common air dry clay I read people tried with good results but comments are it has a terrible smell.


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Fabric scrap big enough to cover the interior of your clay dish


1. Use your brush to coat the inside of your clay dish with decoupage.

2. Lay a fabric strip in the middle and then coat the top of the fabric with decoupage to make sure it adheres to the dish. Then coat the side and bottom with decoupage and wrap the fabric strip around the dish. Keep adding strips diagonally and continue to decoupage so the strip adheres to the dish.

Mad For Fabric - Martha Stewart Decoupage with Fabric Strip on Air Dry Clay

3. Keep decoupaging with fabric strips until you have covered the entire dish.

4. At this point you can are done and you just need to wait for your decoupage to dry but I wanted to add a focal point to my dish. Before I started decoupaging, I traced a circle around my dish with paper and cut it out to make sure it fit in the interior of the dish. Here is the paper circle after I tested the fit in the dish. You should only see a small amount of wrinkles in the paper or else your circle is a bit too big.

5. I folded the paper circle in half, folded a fabric scrap in half, and cut around the folded circle paper template. This will ensure your fabric circle is even around both sides.

Circle Template and Cut a Fabric Circle

6. Then I decoupaged the fabric circle to my dish.

Mad For Fabric - Air Dry Porcelain Clay with Martha Stewart Decoupage

Here are a couple more pictures of the dish after the decoupage dried. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the finish is matte and is not sticky like Modge Podge.

Mad For Fabric - Dried Martha Stewart Decoupage Air Dry Dish Top View 2

Here is the bottom of the dish.

Mad For Fabric - Martha Stewart Decoupage Air Dry Clay Bottom View

Thanks for stopping by today and happy “mad” fabric decoupaging!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Liberty Fabric Decoupage Clay Dish Tutorial

  1. Your bowls are adorable, but then I followed your link and checked out your decoupage phone case — LOVE LOVE LOVE 💕!! Thanks for linking to the tutorial. So now the little wheels are spinning in my brain… Do you think this would work with an embroidered fabric? Because how cool would it be to have my monogram embroidered on my iPhone case… Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

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