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Mad For Fabric. DIY Fabric Button Push Pin Art tutorial. Liberty Hello Kitty fabric push pins

DIY Liberty Fabric Button Push Pin Art Tutorial

I posted this DIY Liberty fabric button push pin art on my Instagram feed recently and wanted to share a tutorial so you can make one of your own. This is such a great project for small scraps and would make a lovely decoration in your home or a gift for a fellow fabric lover!

Mad For Fabric - DIY Fabric Button Push Pin Heart Art


Here is a close up of the fabric button push pins.

Mad For Fabric - Fabric Push Pin Heart Art Close Up

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MadForFabric - Liberty Scrap Packs

MadForFabric Etsy Liberty Scrap Packs

A couple of months ago I talked about my Etsy shop to destash my overflowing collection of fabric. I’ve since listed more Liberty charm packs and I have Liberty scrap packs too! You can look at the projects I’ve done with my Liberty London scraps here.

Here are a few pictures of new items in the shop. I’m still in the process of destashing so stop by occasionally to check on new listings.

MadForFabric - Liberty Scrap Packs

MadForFabric - Liberty Charm Pack 20 Piece Assorted

MadForFabric - Liberty Charm Pack 30 Piece Assorted Pack 2


MadForFabric - 30 Piece 5in Scrap Pack

MadForFabric Etsy Shop

Like many fabric stashers, I have too much fabric and too little space. To make room, I am destashing my Liberty of London fabric on Etsy. I just listed a 30 piece 5″ scrap pack on my Etsy shop. I cut generously so you can trim the excess fabric to get an exact 5″ square if you plan to use the scrap pack for quilting. You can check out ideas on how to use your Liberty scraps here. If you mention this blog post in your purchase, I’ll include a bonus 5″ square in your scrap pack.

I plan to have more listings as I go through my sewing room. Please contact me if you are interested in any prints I’ve shown in my blog as I may have leftover scraps I can sell.

Apologies to my international readers, I am only shipping within the United States. Thanks for stopping by today and happy destash 2015!

MadForFabric - 30 Piece 5in Scrap Pack

Close up of the first 12 pieces.

MadForFabric - 30 Piece 5in Scrap Pack First 12

Close up of the remaining 18 pieces.

MadForFabric - 30 Piece 5in Scrap Pack Remain 18


Mad For Fabric Liberty scrap quilted pouch front view

Liberty Scrap Quilted Pouch Tutorial

My Liberty scrap quilted pouch combines a couple of sneak peak topics mentioned in my welcome post – first, my love of Liberty London fabric and second, what to do with fabric scraps. This project can be done with any small fabric scraps you have on hand. This is not a full tutorial post as I do not cover how to sew the pouch because there are so many wonderful tutorials out there here and here. Also check out my other fabric scrap projects here.

I started off with some Liberty lawn fabric scraps.

Liberty lawn scraps
Liberty lawn scraps

A majority of the pieces were already cut into strips so I randomly picked different prints and sewed them together on a piece of muslin using a zigzag stitch. I used Scotch glue stick to temporarily stick the scraps on my muslin before sewing so I didn’t have to use pins. You can also use spray adhesive or fusible web although I’ve not tried using either of these products.

Liberty scraps zigzag on muslin
Liberty scraps zigzag on muslin

After sewing all the strips I cut a piece of Warm and Natural Cotton Batting batting the size of my muslin and used my glue stick to keep the muslin and batting from shifting during quilting. My batting was leftover from another project but you can use any quilt batting. I used my walking foot with a quilt guide to sew a diamond pattern.  If you don’t have a walking foot, you can draw the diamond pattern on the batting but it is much easier to sew with one.

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